My Legacy, My Reason and My Goal......

My Beginning....

My story begins with these two people on the right. My father (Mark Nelson) and my mother (Lorraine Nelson), they not only gave me life and the opportunity to do something meaningful with that life, they also gave me Knowledge, Wisdom, Love, Clarity, Consciousness and Reflection.

They gave me the Knowledge of their experience so that i too could Learn from it.

They encouraged me to seek the Wisdom of others to Educate myself that so that i to may become wise.

They loved me unconditionally in the hopes of nurturing my Growth.

They taught me to think with clarity so that I could Acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses.

They told me to be mindful of myself and those around me, hoping I would become Conscious.

They inspired me to be reflective, to always look inward and told me "It all comes down to You!"

With everything that they taught me and gave to me, I learnt the importance of having a LEGACY.


My Present....

The middle of my story and the inspiration for my decision to start H.A.R.T is on the left.

In November 2016, I lost my job, as a result I faced numerous challenges over the following 6 months.

One of the most difficult challenges for me was making sure my daughter was not exposed to the stresses I felt, which made me constantly conscious of my mood, body language and even facial expressions when she was around me.

Whilst I was dealing with many negative feelings, I started to think much more deeply about what I ultimately wanted to teach my daughter about life. It was during this period of reflection that I realized, without having my daughter as a reason to maintain my self-control and stability, the situation would have been much harder to bare!

Ultimately I took a very important lesson from this very difficult time of my life, "My Legacy forms the path that my daughter will walk", following this realization, the idea of H.A.R.T was born.

My Future....

The end of my story has not yet been written, but I have high hopes for what is yet to come.

Thanks to my parents and my own life experiences, I realize just how important it is to be a positive guide and role model to anyone and everyone. This is why H.A.R.T was created, to motivate, guide and help people with specifically selected products and my health blog!

So as I begin to write the rest of my story and create something that I hope will benefit my daughter and the nationwide community, I sincerely hope that you too will take something positive and enlightening from my Legacy.

~ Mark J Nelson

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